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Aromata Monthly PMS Magic Essential Oil for PMS Relief

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About the product
  • TOP QUALITY, 100% NATURAL essential oil blend of clary sage, lavender, geranium and peppermint. Mimics and balances women’s hormones to ease PMS symptoms.
  • GENTLE REPRIEVE. Calm your agitated, irritated, menstruating, period-crampy self, soothe aches and feel relaxed, stress-free, back to normal in no time.
  • EASY HELP IN A CONVENIENT BOTTLE. All oils premixed and diluted with almond oil so it’s hassle-free for you. Simply roll on as PMS symptoms start. Great for travel and on the go.
  • ZAP THOSE HORMONES WITH CONFIDENCE thanks to our 100% money-back guarantee. Enjoy the high quality of this blend.
  • SOOTHE IT, SISTER, WE HAVE YOUR HEALTHY BACK! . Now, we are finally seeing the results of studies showing what these civilizations already knew: that essential oils have powerful, therapeutic benefits. And they are all natural! At least, if they are pure like Aromata’s oils. In fact, none of our oils contain preservatives, artificial colors or dyes, parabens, synthetics. They are not tested on animals.
Using essential oil blends is a natural approach to protect your health and well being. Aromata's oil blends are tested and loved by us and our friends who use it! It feels great, smells fabulous and works.
  • ALL NATURAL None of our oils contain preservatives, artificial colors, artificial dyes, parabens or synthetics, and they have not been tested on animals.
  • READY FOR YOU No need to be diluted just apply as needed. By measuring and mixing ahead of time, we make it easy on you, ensuring efficacy while keeping you safe from adding too much essential oil. 
  • HOW TO USE? The roll-on bottle makes it easy to use and convenient to carry. Simply roll on temples, forehead, back of neck. Roll-on bottle is ideal when traveling or on the go. For external use only.
  • What about sensitive skin? If you'd like to be on the extra safe side or you have extremely sensitive skin, simply roll a bit on your upper arm and wait 24 hours to be sure there's no irritation.



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