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Bodybay Menstrual Cup, 2 Count

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Bodybay Menstrual Cup Feminine Alternative Protection to Cloth Sanitary Napkins Pre Childbirth Small Size Set of 2

  • Bodybay is the most somatological Menstrual Cup on the market--designed with somatological principles , matched to your body
  • Save your money--During period,you maybe need to use many napkin, but ,for Menstrual Cup,you just need one.So spend less.
  • 100%hygiene and safety--choose imported material, silicone, and every step of production will be check to make sure safety
  • More convenience--you just need to change it per 12 hours
  • Feel comfortable in your period--you will feel nothing with it and don't worry about the problem of leak. Also, you can go to dance, swim, run.



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