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Bozily 3-in-1 Electric Heating Blanket Neck Pillow

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Meet Infinity Pillow, the most innovative travel pillow made by Bozily. Our Infinity Neck Pillow is the first real multifunctional and portable pillow in Amazon now.

Scientifically designed for your neck - while travelling in bus, train, airplane or watching TV, reading books at home, you can enjoy it. When it's cold in bus, train, airplane or outdoor, you can unfold it as a small blanket to keep warm. What's more, with a power bank, instant heating blanket born!

Bozily Travel Pillow, Good Companion for Your Wonderful Journey.

Bozily Tech Co., Ltd is a combination of production and sales, industry and trade integration business, covering an area of more than 20000 square meters, over 50 research and development personnel.


1. Is it safe to use the product?

The product is designed with a DC 5v low voltage power interface, safe for human body.

2. How can we charge the “blanket” to warm us?

Connect to devices with USB interface, like mobile power, cell phone adaptor, computer, car charger, etc.

3. Is the product harmful to human body when it’s heating?

We use low-pressure carbon crystal as heating material, which is harmless to human body. On the contrary, it effectively eliminates fatigue and benefits for our body.

4. What is the temperature when it is heating?

It has 10W Max power output, not powerful, so the actual temperature depends on the room condition. The lower the temperature around you, the warmer you will feel.


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