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Cora Ultra Thin Period Liners - Regular Absorbency - 42ct

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Women are powerful. So is this liner.
Inspired by the women who wear them, this liner is smart, innovative, and overachieving. It's powerfully absorbent yet mindblowingly thin, and adapts to every underwear style, so you can rock your full-coverage boyshorts or a barely-there thong on your period-fearlessly. Designed to move with you, from downward dog to conference rooms to happy hour cocktails. Our patent pending technology is engineered with channels that disperse liquid and increase absorbency. Adjustable to fit every underwear style-even your sexy ones.

  • The perfect liner, designed to move with you
  • Radically thin yet wildly absorbent
  • Channels disperse liquid and increase absorbency
  • Adjustable to fit every underwear style

Health Facts: No fragrance added
Disposability: Do not flush
Absorbency: Light
Pad length: Short
Number of units per package: 42


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