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Maxim Natural Cotton Ultra Thin Panty Liners, Lite, 24ct

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What looks like Cotton in other panty liners is not always 100% Cotton. Maxim Ultra Thin Panty Liners are made with 100% Cotton and are Chlorine Free, which makes them: • reduce the risk of irritation • minimize the body’s exposure to chemicals • feel softer • better for the environment

Detailed Description

Whether you’re using these comfy Liners for a light menstrual cycle day or every day for light urinary incontinence and bladder leakage, you and your vagina can breathe easy knowing they are made of 100% Certified Organic Chlorine Free Cotton, the purest form of cotton cultivated without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals that can pollute your body and our earth.

Why is breathability good for the vagina? Because it acts like a ventilation system that soothes irritation and prevents the development of a heat damp environment that can create a breeding ground for bacteria growth.

Other cool features about this product to keep you feeling Soft, Safe and Natural:

• Organic Certification by ICEA

• Leakage Control Channels to protect against leaks

• Adhesive Strip on back for panty holding strength

• Recycled Cardboard Packaging creates less waste and biodegrades more easily

• Recommended Use: Light menstrual flow, tampon backup, light incontinence and bladder control

• Count: 30 Panty Liners/Pack


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