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Maxim Organic Multi-Purpose Cotton Wool/Pleats, 32ct

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For a soft, safe and hypoallergenic way to clean a baby’s sensitive skin or for other personal care applications.

Made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton. Chlorine Free. Hypoallergenic. Better for the environment.

Cleansing Pleats or what are often referred to as wool pleats, are a gentle alternative, not only for washing a baby, but also for other personal hygiene needs, such as cleansing skin, applying ointments or removing nail polish. What looks like cotton in other cleansing pleats is not always 100% cotton. Choose Maxim Organic and Chlorine Free Cotton Clean to help

• Reduce the risk of irritation

• Minimize exposure to chemicals

• Feel softer

• Protect our planet from harmful pesticides

Other cool features about this product to keep you feeling Soft, Safe and Natural:

• Fluffy and gentle on the skin, yet stays strong when wet

• Thick and absorbent

• Perforated for a variety of uses

• Drawstring Closure for safe keeping and storage

• Recommended Use: Washcloth, makeup/polish remover, cosmetic/ointment application, and pad insert for extra hypoallergenic layer of protection against rash or irritation

• 32 Perforated Pleats/Pack


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