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Organic Cotton Reusable Menstrual Pads Pink 3pcs of M, L, or XL

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  • ORGANIC DAY PADS PLUS: think ECO's organic cotton pads are ventilating, breathing, hypoallergenic and comfortable to use. Frequently, the period is shorter by 1-2 days and after moving to reusable organic cotton. Features absorbency for moderate flow during the day and thin design
  • OCS100 ORGANIC CERTIFICATION: Unlike most reusable feminine pads of polyester and dyes, think ECO's menstrual pads are made of 100% OCS100 certified organic cotton without harmful substances (No dyes, No Bleach, No Chemicals). The 5-layers absorb rapidly and non-abrasive to skin
  • EASY TO WEAR: Simply wrap wings around panty gusset and snap securely. Think ECO's pads are designed to fit body closely and not to scrunch.
  • SOAK AND RINSE: first in cold water, or use pre-soak function on washing machine. Then, machine wash cold with eco-friendly detergent. Tumble dry low or line dry. think ECO's pads can last for over 5 years with proper care.
  • PAD SIZES: Length - 11-1/4". Day Pads (incl. Plus) for light to normal flow; Overnight Pads (incl. Plus) for heavy to very heavy flow, Panty Liners for pre and post-period daily protection

think ECO’s organic menstrual pads are breathable, hypoallergenic, absorbent and stands up to multiple uses. Frequently, the period is shorter by 1-2 days after transition to organic cotton. In addition, reusable pads are much healthier and save loads of money!

Use day pads for light to moderate flow, night pads for heavy to very heavy flow during the period; and ultra thin panty liner for daily protection before and after.

With proper care, Organic sanitary pads can last up to 5 years and have a huge impact on the environment (In North America alone, more than 20 billion disposable tampons are wasted every year!)

think ECO menstruals pads don’t use removable liner for absorbency. Instead, it features a 5-layer design with waterproof leak locker to absorb and disseminate. With proper care, organic period pads are just as hygienic as any disposable menstrual napkins.

Forget those boring, bleached white synthetic napkins, reusable organic pads are bursting with natural cotton color, patterns and unique designs. Visit our new color pads line to see how sanitary pads can be both utilitarian and fashionable!


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