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Oi Organic Cotton Super Pads with wings 10ct

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Oi Organic Cotton ultra thin Super Pads with wings, wrapped individually.

About the product
  • A PAD WITH WINGS FOR ALL WOMEN: Finally! Natural, organic, hypoallergenic and maximum absorption pads with wings for all women and girls. These ultra-thin pads provide comfort and protection no matter your size, flow or lifestyle.
  • 100% PURE ORGANIC COTTON: Oi makes 100% certified organic natural cotton pads that are free of plastics and dangerous chemicals for a purely comfortable, non-irritant experience that many gynecologists recommend to reduce the risk of allergies caused by synthetic material exposure.
  • LIKE YOU'RE NOT WEARING ANYTHING: Women want feminine hygiene products that don't slip, show underneath clothing, feel uncomfortable, or irritate. Oi delivers. These ultra-thin pads in regular and super go un-noticed and make your period feel like it has almost disappeared.
  • SAY NO TO POLLUTION: Say "No" to chemicals, crude oil plastics, perfumes, synthetics in and next to your body with Oi. You can be also sure that everything you buy is natural and biodegradable, right down to the ink on the box - it's vegetable based!
  • Oi HAS A VISION: We are led by passionate, holistic women empowering people everywhere to make great choices about our, and our world's, health. To us, biodegradable is not debatable and safe is not synthetic, which is why we put revolution in a box!

Oi for You 

Our certified pure organic and 100% biodegradable pads, panty liners, cups and tampons are created from synthetic-free natural materials, while also being absorbent and hypoallergenic to provide comfort and protection you can trust. Our 100% Certified Organic Cotton tampons and pads are plastic and chemical-free and recommended by many gynecologists to reduce the risk of allergies caused by exposure to synthetic materials and chemicals. 

By choosing Oi you are saying “No” to chemicals and toxins, “No” to the use of crude oil plastics, “No” to perfumes, dyes and synthetics in and next to your body. You are saying “No” to environmental pollution and “No” to nondisclosure of ingredients. By choosing Oi you are saying “Yes” to transparency, honesty and integrity, and to knowing what ingredients are in your products. You are saying “Yes” to your health, “Yes” to biodegradability, “Yes” to the planet, “Yes” to comfort and protection and organics. All of Oi's products use 100% Certified Organic Cotton, are 100% biodegradable, and are even GOTS certified! 

Oi is a New Zealand company led by a team of passionate, holistic women that stand up for what’s right and make a difference in the world, by saying No to chemicals, synthetics and toxins and saying YES to natural organic alternatives. Oi stands for every woman, Oi stands for health and Oi stands for our world. 

Oi Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Pads with Wings offer maximum absorption, comfort and protection for women and girls. These pads, and all of Oi's feminine hygiene products, are made with 100% pure certified organic cotton, keeping your body safe and the earth clean. Wrapped individually. Regular & Super. 

Regular - Suitable for light flow between 6 and 9 grams
Super - Suitable for light to medium flow, between 9 and 12 grams


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