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Organic Konjac Sponge Set 5pcs

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Kohle Konjac Sponges Are Deeply Cleansing And Free From Chemicals, Coloring, Additives And Irritants. 100% Biodegradable And Naturally Alkaline. The Kohle Konjac Facial Cleansing Sponge Leaves The Skin In Perfect Balance. Each Sponge Is Especially Effective Around The Delicate Eye Area When Removing Make-Up, And Is Suitable For All Skin Types Including Sensitive Skin, Skin Prone To Breakouts,And Even Baby's Skin. Simply Soak For A Few Moments And Feel It Transform Into A Silky Smooth, Jelly-Like Sponge Before Use. Deeply Cleansing And Exfoliating, The Konjac Sponge Will Leave The Face Fresh, Smooth And Glowing. Suitable For Sensitive Skin Types PH Balanced Rich In Minerals Gently Cleanses And Exfoliates The Delicate Eye Area Packed With Antioxidants Free From Impurities And Pollutants Made From Pure Konjac Plant Fibre Vegan & Biodegradable


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