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Mother Earth

Phantom Galaxy Stone, Lepidolite

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Package includes: 1 unit of natural crystal quartz, a polished rock
Material: Lepidolite
Estimated Size: 45 x 35 x 15mm (less than 2")

A simple, attractive tool for practicing mindfulness, keeping calm, and inspiring creative thought. Carved of gemstones, these palm stones can be held in your hands to help ease the stresses of daily life. A palm stone is designed to fit into your palm and give a weight, a presence, a surface that helps keep you grounded or focused. They also make lovely desk dècor, and are at home sitting on a table or resting on a book to hold the pages open.

Lepidolite is named after the Greek word 'scale'. The stone has been used for centuries to as a soothing stone for one's emotions.

  • Powers: harmonizing the body, mind, and soul
  • Crystal Properties: nurturing and calming


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