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STASH Tea Peach Black Tea, 20 Count

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Portland, Oregon Roots

Back when we founded our company in NW Portland in 1972, we never imagined that our teas would find its way to so many cups all over the world. Stash Tea is now being enjoyed from Argentina to Europe to Asia and of course here in the U.S., but through it all we’ve never lost sight of being a small town company with our own Portland vibe. We’ve always loved sharing our tea and with that in mind, we opened our doors to the public almost ten years ago.

peach black tea

Choice black teas blended with the natural flavor of fresh, ripe peaches for a fragrant aroma and a delicately sweet, juicy taste. Fantastic hot or cold.

Blended black teas, natural peach flavor

Steeping Instructions
3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees Fahrenheit



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