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The Honey Pot Company

THE HONEY POT CO Super Tampons - 24 count

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Feel light, even on medium or heavy days, knowing your tampons are 100% natural.
👍🏾 Natural, clean cotton
👍🏾 Hypoallergenic
👍🏾 Free from pesticides, chemicals, chlorine, dyes, dioxins, or synthetic materials
👍🏾 Applicators made from BPA-free plastic
Contains 24 Super absorbency tampons.

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100% Medical-Grade Silicon

How to use

Depending on menstrual flow, empty your menstrual cup 2-5 times a day. Can be worn safely overnight. Upon emptying, rinse your OurLadies Cup with water. Sterilization can be achieved simply by boiling the silicone cups for 5 minutes before every monthly period, or by using a sterilizing liquid.

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